The PA1025P is a highly stable pulsed magnet power supply unit that is used to feed the chicane dipole magnets of the cooler synchrotron COSY at FZ Jülich.

Based on a linear, air cooled pulse amplifier, the power supply provides output currents of 0 to 250AP at output voltages of up to 100VP. The polarity of the pulses can be selected. Typical pulse timing is in the range of 1ms to 100ms.

The accuracy of the output current pulses is better than 1000ppm at 10ms ramps. This figure includes peak to peak ripple and noise, reproducibility, as well as thermal and long-term drift.

An Ethernet interface is provided to control the unit by means of an SCPI command set. A second Ethernet interface is used as a monitor/service interface. Local mode control is possible via the monitor interface.
Precision monitoring outputs pinpoint the actual values on additional connectors on the front panel.

A programmable ramp generator produces the shape of the current pulses. The ramp generator is triggered by external trigger signals assuring very low jitter. For testing purposes or applications requiring less strict timing ramp generator can also be triggered by SCPI commands or manually.

The unit is fully protected against overload, over temperature and short circuit. Many operational parameters like internal supply voltages, internal temperatures, magnet leakage current, load current oscillation, DCCT operation and external interlock inputs are monitored. In case of a malfunction the unit will shut down and the status is stored. For a quick overview, the complete status information is indicated on the front panel. Detailed status information is available via the monitor or via SCPI.

The construction is based on a 19" housing, 4 units high.


Output Current -250 - +250 AP
Output Voltage -100 - +100 VP
Average Output Current < 2 A
Overall Pulse Accuracy < ±1·10-3
Rise Time 1 - 100 ms (load dependent)
Overshoot < ±1·10-3
Common Mode Voltage -50 - +50 V
Mains Voltage 230 VAC / ±10% / 47 - 63 Hz
Ambient Temperature +10°C - +35°C (operating)
Dimensions (w x h x d) 483 x 176 x 555 mm3 (19", 3 U)
Weight 25 kg