The PP1006 is a magnet power supply unit that is used to feed the quadrupole magnets of the storage ring of DESY / PETRA III in Hamburg.

The water-cooled power supply provides output currents of 600 A at output voltages of up to 50 V. It consists of a DC/DC converter power part including protection and supervision circuits.

The 2-phase step down DC/DC converter features excellent efficiency > 97% at high load voltages. High efficiency and water-cooling leads to low operating temperatures within the system racks. Using the 2-phase power stage concept results in low output ripple.

Precision current regulation and control of the unit is carried out by a DESY control interface. A slot is allocated to accomodate this control interface or a standard interface card. This allows for the integration of the unit into the control system of the facility.

The unit is fully protected against overload, overtemperature and short circuit. Many operational parameters like internal supply voltages, internal temperatures, power switch desaturation, input and output overvoltage and driver status are monitored. In case of a malfunction the unit will shut down and the status is stored. For a quick overview, the complete status information is indicated on the frot panel.

Input and output power lines are connected via bus-bars on the rear.

The construction is based on a 19" housing, 8 units high.


Output Current 1 – 600 A
Output Voltage 0 - 50 V
Input Voltage 50 - 70 VDC
Efficiency > 0.97 (VO > 45 V / IO > 50 A)
Common Mode Voltage < 100 V
Ambient Temperature +10 - +40°C (operating)
Dimensions (w x h x d) 483 x 355 x 645 mm (19", 8 U)
Weight 45 kg