Welcome to WME Power Systems

High quality power electronics from Hamburg, Germany – that’s what WME Power Systems is known for.

We are specializing in the design of custom power electronics. We offer our comprehensive expertise primarily in the development of professional power supplies and high voltage components.

Our products and designs are, amongst other domains, used in medical systems, avionics as well as in accelerator facilities – areas in which the highest reliability and precision is indispensable.

Several industry corporations and research facilities benefit from our quality and precision orientated developments and our customer orientated guidance. Our helpdesk will also be at your disposal after the successful realization of your project.

Our affiliate company hivolt.de offers a wide range of high voltage components and professional power supplies.

BESSY II in Berlin Adlershof

Magnet Power Supplies

Our magnet power supplies are being used in reputable research facilities, e.g. the electron storage ring BESSY II in Berlin. They satisfy the highest demands for precision and reliability. [more...]

DLR Köln: electrostatic Levitator

High Voltage Amplifiers

Our high voltage amplifiers are being used in several scientific and industrial applications. You can rely on our established products and profit from our long lasting experience. We are able to develop fully customized high voltage amplifiers, meeting the highest demands of your project. [more...]

Custom Power Supplies

Custom power supplies are another core area of WME Power Systems. We are developing custom power supplies for industrial, medical, or scientific applications. [more...]