±3kV, 3W, 4 Channel High Speed HV Amplifier

The fast response high voltage amplifier HVA-3B4 is a 19” rack-mountable unit of 3U. Four channels provide output voltages in the range of –3000 V to +3000 V at load current of ±1 mA each. The four channels can be used independently or two channels at a time can be switched to differential output mode.

Each channel is equipped with a 4-digit DVM, an "Out Of Regulation" indicator and a voltage monitor output.

The amplifier channels feature high speed response.

All amplifier outputs are protected against transient overload / short circuit and transient overvoltage.


  • 4 Channels
  • Output ±3kV
  • DC Bias Function
  • Differential Output Mode
  • Monitor Outputs
  • Remote On / Off
  • High Speed Response 12V/µs
  • DC Output Voltage Monitor (4.5-digit DVM)
  • Limit Displays


Supply Voltage 95 ~ 265VAC, 50/60Hz, 1-Ph
Output Voltage Range -3kV ~ +3kV
Output Current Range -3mA ~ +1mA
Output Control External voltage control -10V ~ +10V (input impedance : 10kW), BNC plug
Gain 300
Slew-Rate >=12V/µs
DC-BIAS 10 turn potentiometer
-3kV ~ 3kV
Regulation Line ± 0.05% (±10% line change)
Load 0.05% (10% ~ 100% load change)
Ripple <= 1 VRMS
Digital Panel Meter 4.5 - digit display (DC Output Voltage Monitor)
Voltage Monitor -10 ~ +10V / -3 kV ~ +3 kV ±0.1%
BNC plug
Prection Protection against momentary Short Circuit, Arc dischange
Operating Temp. 0°C ~ 40°C
Storage Temp. 20°C ~ 60°C
Weight 18 kg